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Kelly clarkson i do not hook up vevo rather Nice

Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (VIDEO)

American singer Kelly Clarkson has released two video albums and has appeared in forty music videos. In , she made her debut music video appearance for the video " Before Your Love ", which was immediately released after winning the first season of the television series competition American Idol. Thankful was immediately followed by the release of Clarkson's debut video album Miss Independent that same year. In , a music video for her single " Breakaway " was released to promote the Disney feature film The Princess Diaries 2: Clarkson's second video album Behind Hazel Eyes was released in as a companion piece to Breakaway. From to , three music videos were released from her fifth studio album Stronger to accompany its singles " Mr. From to , three music videos were released to promote her first Christmas album Wrapped in Red:

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Kelly Clarkson I Do Not Hook Up [VIDEO]

November 18, Label: RCA , 19 , S Format: March 29, Label: Clarkson prepares to leave for a party hosted by her boyfriend in honor of winning American Idol.

Singing at an empty theater, Clarkson reflects on her tenure on the first season of American Idol. Clarkson performs at a house party until meeting a man whose reflection she keeps seeing in mirrors. Clarkson sings and drives through a desert with her old boyfriend's car, which she later drives off a cliff. Clarkson witnesses various troubled relationships in an apartment where couples are viewing the film Love Actually on its rooftop.

Clarkson reminisces her journey from a small town girl to a pop star at the premiere of the film The Princess Diaries 2: Clarkson decimates the apartment her ex-boyfriend shares with another woman.

Clarkson attempts to escape from her wedding after seeing visions of her groom having an affair. Clarkson is reminded of her troubled divorced childhood by her younger self to stop her own household from falling apart.

People from different walks of life across the city begin to sing the song while Clarkson is performing it on the radio station.

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Released exclusively to European countries, Clarkson performs the song live from the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Produced by the Ford Motor Company for its "Bold Moves" marketing campaign, two manifestations of Clarkson in monochrome and color attempt to outrace each other while driving in Ford Shelby GT Mustangs.

Clarkson haunts her ex-husband for attempting to murder her in order to elope with his mistress. Playing s lounge performers at a singing bar, McEntire tries to convince Clarkson to leave an abusive relationship. Clarkson plays a darker version of Sleeping Beauty featuring a prince who is having a severe difficulty of finding her. Clarkson's erratic relationship with her boyfriend transits from tumultuous taunting to dysfunctional love.

Clarkson plays a good girl with hedonistic fantasies. Clarkson performs the song as a phantom accompanied by a mirage of musical instruments.

Kelly clarkson i do not hook up vevo

Clarkson reproaches mainstream media's perception of her character. Clarkson forms a global flash mob featuring audience-submitted videos of various people performing the song in different locations.

Clarkson comforts downtrodden people suffering from bullying, unemployment, war, and weight issues. Behind-the-scenes footage of Clarkson recording the song, interspersed with Dallas Cowboys archival vignettes.

Clarkson conjures the elements representing breath-like emotions. Clarkson covertly rescues a young girl from a monochromatic world. Clarkson performs at a wedding party; featuring audience-submitted content of people in wedding-themed events. Hamish Hamilton Weiss Eubanks. All in all, the video gives a clear representation of the song and drives the point of the song home.

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Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

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