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Kai dating doubt. Excuse

[CONFIRMED] EXO's Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are Dating

A couple of days has passed since then, and fans are reacting to the news in a variety of different ways. Yo I still can't believe… Jennie is taken??? Like she's in relationship?? And have a boyfriend??? And her man is exo's popular member, KAI??

Blackpink is doing amazing and she's gaining so much positive support as a soloist. At this stage in her life she will be putting career first. She is born on January 16, and he is born on January 14, so the age gap is only two years between them. Their relationship will last as long as they are willing to invest in it time and emotions. Rather the fact that as an idol you are age out in you career once you pass a certain age. Many of her peers at her age who found success work and milk it as much as they can before it decilnes.

But since it's Jennie doing it nothing is gonna happen except for BP's reputation being harmed. I am a fan of Jennie she is my bias wrecker and BP but with the "lazy" controversy, I've been pretty disappointed in Jennie and now with this dating news I'm not really sure if she thought things through and took her group into consideration.

I am not against them dating, I just wished that she kept it a secret for a little longer so she and her group could become more established and the dating ban be lifted. I have nothing against them dating but they should have been extra careful. Blackpink is fairly new to the KPop scene and KNetz are quite known to diss artists who are dating.

I wonder what would happen next. I am soooo happy for Kai. I mean true EXO-Ls should support him on this matter because this is what he needs right now most especially we know that a lot will bash and hate on him regarding this. All we want is for him to be happy and we support him all the way with whatever decision he has made and will have to make. We are very lucky to have a person like him who loves his fans very much.

I don't know if I should be happy for her or not Blackpink has only been around for 2. She's at the age she should date you know but blackpink is stil so new and they don't even have a full album yet. YG is currently try to control his anger towards Jennie for dating. She took the risk before any female idol in YG, I clap for her.

I wonder just how this is going to go down for the YG side. I hope yg doesnt pull a cube to her lol. After all the news made jennie looks like betrayed yg, just as hyuna. But i think yg is cool. After all the dispatch publication was asked to both agency first. Both these groups have big numbers in terms of fandom and sales. So even if a part of those numbers are from delusional fans who will stomp their feet like lil' brats, it wont affect them that much.

So let's move on, shall we? They are both busy. Inwish them the best. However, SM's response that they are dating means that BlackPink's reputation will go down I'm assuming YG will probably deny or not say anything.

EXO's Kai and Black Pink's Jennie reportedly dating

He's the center but is very lacking in musical activity besides in his group. Even taeyong alrdy released something here and there. This is very true. Worst case scenario is that Jennie might be kicked out with her scandal. I'm surprised they were allowed to date tbh as companies are usually strict on dating and they're both from such big groups.

I wish them all the best because if history has taught us one thing it's that fans are not usually chill with this sort of thing and there is going to be a LOT of attention on them. Everyone is bothered about Jennie not thinking about the group interest firts but the other Blackpink members might also be dating lol.

It's well known among insiders that the Kpop idol world is like a jungle and everyone dates everyone even if they're super busy. I wouldnt be surprised at all..

That's what happened to any group of young, rich and beautiful people if you mingle them together. That was unexpected and to be honest I'm surprised. I don't get this meme that idols should be veterans of so many years before they can date, I think that's people buying into company bullshit. If Jennie had any other job I can't see people expecting a year-old to totally avoid dating in order to establish herself in her career. It's far better to learn about how to have successful relationships when you're young and career is your priority, than when you're older and starting to feel anxious about settling down.

As a Blink, I am extremely happy for Jennie and also for Kai. This is simply disgusting and horrible for people to be saying negative comments about Jennie and Kai. I am simply a worried blink that cares for Jennie and also for the rest of the members individually. I also care for Kai and his part of the situation. There are two people in this relationship and I feel like people need to open their eyes and see that they love and care for one another.

I hope many agree with this opinion and many may not, but please be supportive and let them be HAPPY, that'sis what is more important. Both Kai and Jennie has nothing to lose. They're a royalty couple now. And it seems that the news was received positively more than negative. It is stupid if YG has ever thinking of punishing Jennie already. Kai is not some random nugu idol to be taken lightly. Besides he's a good kid and always play it safe. Just imagine those Kai x Jennie smuts written since years ago.

The ship has actually sailed now. They all have the same right to date or get married. But I thought she was going solo? And of course SM confirms it because they have nothing to lose, Jennie is one of their top idols rn and she's making them a ton on money. But tbh if it was some other member from BP, they'd be punished because of the dating ban.

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely fine with idols dating, I'm not one of those crazy fans. But I'm hoping that the other BP members don't get backlash because of this which they probably will. I also feel a bit sorry for Blinks because they don't get many songs from BP since they're kind of new in a way, they've been around for 2.

Damn, Kai really gets the bougie girls. I never thought these two would be together. I literally joked about some dating scandal coming out on New Years like always haha. To those blaming them for getting caught, I don't think you understand how difficult it is as a celebrity to not have your privacy invaded.

If you're gonna blame anyone, blame the media who always want to expose celebrities for basic human rights for the sake of making a few dollars. It is very difficult to be discrete. Even if you're covered up from head to toe you can still be caught. Take Hani for example. She was completely covered but was still caught when her and Junsu were dating. I don't know what you expect them to do to avoid this stuff when they're major celebrities.

Plenty of celebrities date and I am sure Dispatch know about them. But they choose to expose those who will make them the most money which unfortunately happen to be Kai and Jennie. I am a huge supporter of idols dating and having interests outside of their idol world.

I was and still am in full support of E'dawn and Hyuna's relationship. With this situation I'm a little conflicted. I think that the timing of this news is what has a lot of people fuming and I can see why people think it's a distraction for a "newish" group to be dating. YG's nonchalant approach to giving BP new music apart from Jennie's Solo release as of late and Jennie's own negative backlash recently is a recipe for disaster. My only issue is that if YG does in fact enforce a strict dating ban and Jennie broke it, that should be addressed.

I think Jennie should have been more concerned with cleaning up her public image when people were calling her lazy and saying she was favored, knowing that she was out here dating and the potential of being caught is always high when you are a popular public figure.

I would not have been so reluctant to win back my positive image knowing I had a huge secret like this to guard. I wish Kai and Jennie nothing but the best. She is a dummy. She has the rare opportunity to succeed and without YG and its producers she is just an average artist. This is so shocking but funny to me. Recently I was just thinking just thinking, nothing written down about my dream cast for Legandary Moonlight Sculptor, If it ever got a live action.

And for the goddess Seoyoon. And do you know who my top two picks were? HAhhahahaha, cause both of them really suit that character. The irony in my head is really really thick. And the next day boom Jennie is dating Krystal's ex. I think Kai has a type. Jennie and kai are so similar.

Im just worried YG and Jennie had many issue these days. Hope she will okay bcs she still young. I feel like it might, I say might, not be a real relationship.

It probably is, but there is a chance it could just be a public relationship as Jennie was going through the laziness scandal. But it only depends on what yg says. This could effect the groups a lot as they are promoting new songs and solos and such. Stocks will probably lower for the two companies. What a shock I got in the very first day of !!! But I am happy though. Kai is my bias from EXO IDK how to feel right now bc I am so shocked I cannot think and process anything.

I didn't see this coming at all! I will always support Kai and Jennie. They are matured now and can do and think of things on their own so I wish Kai and Jennie a happy journey. You is well know practice to make people "date" to generate a buzz around those people's new releases, well They did nothing wrong, let them live their life the way they want to, let's just be happy here while enjoying their song.

This is obviously mediaplay. It's very unusual for Kpop companies to be so open about their idols dating, and it says right in the article that this news "caused a storm on Korean search engines".

I guess both companies are okay with losing some fans if they can make headlines. My biggest concern is their privacy. Yes they're celebrities and yes they run the risk of having all their business being slammed at their faces, but it doesn't justify that even though we all support jennie and kai being together, that they want even move to the next stage of being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Guys, they went on a date. Maybe they have strong and good feelings for each other but this invasion of privacy sure as heck wont make it easy for them. I definitely pray for the best, especially for Jennie who recently got out of that last minor scandal.

Im glad most of us are supporting them: My imagination is not cooperating huhu it keeps on thinking how will kai and jennie make out.

I'm not yet ready for this. She has a dog named Kai that's 8 yrs old. I believe Kai was active since or so that sounds about right? Maybe she's his fan since the beginning of his career. Although it is kind of exciting, I wish they had tried harder to keep it a secret. Probably the first time since I've been into kpop where I heard of dating news and was pleasantly surprised.

How both exo-ls and blink will be like, but maybe kai will be cut some slack since fans are already "used" to him dating, and the fact his groups has been around for ages. I'm not mad about their relationship, honestly congratulations. I am happy for them! With the amount of time they put into their work, I am happy to see them thriving in their personal lives. I never imagined this couple though! I hope the fans and media let them be because too much scrutiny and pressure of any kind from public can affect a new relationship.

Good news, keep going but just don't end up with a breakup.. Hope they can be happy for a long long time. I feel like sm was ok confirming it, but they just confirmed it very low key for yg, cause yg would've totally let it slide unless it's marriage status like taeyang after many years of debut.

I'm happy for them and I hope people can support them they're not doing anything wrong, fighting!!! Yeah they need to lie and say they broke up in a few weeks. A few fans are going to ruin it like they did with Taeyeon when she was with Baek. What a great way to start !! This is what happens when you don't give idols something to keep them busy.

Well, I hope BP can get through this. If not, well, YG is debuting another girl group this year so Why are people soooooo negative in these comments!!!!! I am glad they are together Best wishes from mee.

Kai dating

Now we know Mino clinging to Jennie was just to distract from Jennie x Kai lol. Happy for them, though. I just hope it won't hurt their careers. Good on them, now let's see what YG does after SM made a bold move and put it out there. I mean I'm really happy for them but whaaaaat? When did this happen? Anyway congratulations to the first kpop couple! Pls guys let's support them the best we can! I legit thought this was fake news and didn't even read the article, just went straight to the comments but OMG!!

He's really into controversial ice queens, first Krystal now Jennie! Anyway, good for them, I hope no one is gonna bash them. YG won't be happy about losing his girlfriend. I wonder if Kai will be on episodes of Jennie Solo soon. Cuz if her senior can than jennie also can have a date. The cynical in me says that SM jumped at the opportunity to confirm this because it will hurt the nr1 girl in YG perhaps the entire infustry atm and will definitely hurt YG profits.

BTS and BigHit are not that dumb to get caught, nor would they pay for cheap PR like this dating news in order to gain some rating or use such low approach to cover an inside scandal that is about to leak. I wish them both the best! They should be more wise about this. Not let some company or person tell the media. Either way, there probably will be some sort of serious punishment, as yg is strict on dating bans.

Personally, I would have waited or maybe have shown a bit more interaction before confirming as people probably would have been less shocked and more supporting.

I support them but I feel worried for the other members I'm scared for the future of the group I hope YG would accept this and eventually Blackpink won't get broken. I should be happy for idols who date bc society and their companies make it hard for them to do so but it's somewhat unfair to cause your group some backlash in the process.

All the best for them, at least they didn't end up like HyunA and Edawn. Super surprised SM annonced it! Though, doesn't YG have a dating ban..?

Congratulations to them but considering what happened when Taeyeon dated Baekhyun how badly EXO-Ls treated her and Jennie's recent laziness scandal, this is going to effect BlackPink a lot, which sucks because it's a new year. I'm extremely happy for the two but I'm not happy about what's going to happen to them we all saw what happened with the queen of Cube Entertainment and the king of Cube Entertainment I just hope that doesn't end up Kai and Jennie.

It's an inside job. If it's that creepy, yg and sm have the right to sue them. Dispatch prolly asked both sides before publicating.

Yg is smart for releasing her solo song before the reveal. Now they have an excuse for an album delay. This is honestly terrible I like blackpinks songs but whatever Theres all this hype about Kai x Jenni for nothing.

Here is a likely theory He needs Jennie, she's one of the hottest K-pop females in the game right now, she's shining.

Exo Kai Blackpink Jennie Dating News YG responded Netizen reaction

YG not gonna drop her, cause she's his Cash Cow Outside of the theory, The House of YG must be upside down seeing as how Booby from IKon said they weren't even allowed to talk to Blackpink members, let alone date I bet it's hell going on up in YG House. Father on the 7th floor is probably whooping ass Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition?

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