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DIY Bedroom Makeover - Homie Hook Up!

Creating a fantastic entertainment room set up for your new home can be a rewarding way to celebrate and enjoy your new pad. First, ask yourself what exactly you are creating. Is this purely a visual entertainment room? Or is this also a place to relax with a laptop on the couch or entertain guests over conversation? Are you also using this space as general living area or is it only for gaming, TV and movies only?

If possible, choose a downstairs room instead. A bedroom in a typical family home has poor acoustics for a studio—in the worst way. Bedrooms are small, with a low ceiling, and parallel walls are made of drywall.

6 Steps for Converting a Bedroom into a Home Recording Studio

The pro studios have them only because they spend thousands of dollars to design them, so you will have to make a compromise and choose your best option. If the room doubles as a bedroom, living room, etc. Anything that can be removed should be removed. The fact is that without acoustic treatment, good recordings are virtually impossible, and many beginners skip this part either out of ignorance or a lack of money, and regret it later. The first things to purchase are your bass traps. There are two types to choose from, either porous absorbers or resonant absorbers.

Porous absorbers are really like the first line of defense when tackling general problems with room acoustics. They can be made from acoustic foam, fiberglass, or Rockwool and are extremely effective at taming common problems such as room modes, standing waves, flutter echo, and speaker-boundary interference response. They are very effective because they offer excellent broadband absorption, meaning they work well across the entire frequency spectrum.

Yet despite their versatility, porous absorbers have one big flaw. A Hz wave is This works great because it means that they occupy far less space in the room.

There are two types you should get to know: Helmholtz resonators, which absorb bass frequencies through a small port in an air-tight cavity, and Diaphragmatic absorbers, which neutralize bass frequencies with a vibrating panel or membrane. In most pro studios, porous and diaphragmatic absorbers work as a team and simply adjust the ratio, so you can control the type of acoustics you want. The next step is to purchase some acoustic panels and diffusers.

There are several manufacturers that also offer packages that come with everything you would need. Bass traps usually go in the corners of the room because this is where those long-bass waves usually hang out.

Acoustic panels and diffusers can be purchased to help balance the reflections from surfaces, too. Despite the fact that, even though acoustic treatment is perhaps the most essential element for recording good sound, for a small bedroom studio, which only records vocals, etc. The quick and easy shortcut is to purchase a reflection filter, which I recommend. Freestanding speakers are a great choice for an entertainment room set up.

For the most impressive sound system, look into purchasing and installing a 5. That includes 5- 7 speakers around your room plus a subwoofer. Where possible, you should look into wire the entertainment room for sound before the drywall of your new home is put in place. However, you can also look at wireless speaker systems. You should look to have speakers behind your TV, around the corners of the room or behind furniture.

Hook up bedroom

The biggest challenge homeowners face here is hiding wires, making it a good idea to wire for sound before drywall goes up if possible. A receiver to power and allow switching your speakers like a Blu-ray player is ideal. Keeping your wiring organised is essential for your entertainment room set up.

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Image via Electrician Fleurieu Peninsula. Invest in some plastic wire clips to keep your bundles of wires together, tape them to the ground and keeping them from tanglement. The effort will save you time and frustration for years to come. You know what we mean. Blue wire goes here, red wire goes here, HDMI goes here and here. Choosing an epic chair as the center piece of your entertainment room set up will make you smug as… Image via BOT Meubelen.

As we explained earlier, your furniture and your room size are key. Get the tape measure out and start looking at what can fit. Think about game play as well. The home entertainment room is a place to relax, so make it the very best furniture you can afford.

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