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Vlog 8 - Gretsch Snare Drum Restore

With most other drum companies, serial numbers are considered very helpful tools, but not with Gretsch. The lack of understanding of Gretsch's use of serial numbers leaves the vintage drum owner relatively few tools for estimating the age of their vintage Gretsch drum. Some of these theories are contradictory and few are definitive. Despite this, John Sheridan proposed a "rule of thumb" for round badge drums in which linked the number of digits in serial numbers to date ranges. Although frustrated by the lack of reliable information, RIck saw a solvable problem. Rick did not want to merely recite the legend and lore but wanted to apply a fresh and unbiased view to the Gretsch dating issue. The paper looks at thirteen different characteristics of Gretsch drums from the era.

Bill Gretsch dies from illness. Following the war, Gretsch resumes instrument production.

Gretsch 135th Anniversary

Phil Grant, master percussionist and innovator, joins Gretsch. Gretsch and Louis Bellson team up to introduce first production double bass drum kit.

Gretsch stops instrument production to assist in war efforts. Bill Gretsch becomes president. Gretsch enters an historic partnership with master drummer and inventor Billy Gladstone. The Gretsch-Gladstone drum line is introduced. Gretsch introduces the original Broadkaster series, which eventually grows into one of the world's most revered drum sets of all-time.

Help identify Gretsch drum model

Friedrich Gretsch, 27, who emigrated from Germany at 16, opens a small music shop in Brooklyn, N. Each badge is unique and in its own way has become a classic over time. Did you know that there are at least seven different styles of Gretsch Round Badges used from the s through the s? Learn more by clicking the link below.

Other Projects and Items for Sale. Sorry that I have to say this, but too many people have not been able to figure it out on their own. Please do not just email me a serial number and demand that I tell you how old it is.

First of all, that is rude. Second, as fully discussed in the dating guide, there is much more to it than that. Third, it takes time to answer each request.

This is before the labels started in about There may be several pre-label drums in existence.

I suspect that it took about 4 years for Gretsch to produce 60, drums. Therefore, there could have been several years of drums without the center design, some with and some without labels. A couple of caveats: I did not initially record whether a model drum had the center design, so there are some drums in the log for which I do not have the information - There are an additional three RB model drums with serial numbers lower than for which I do not have the information.

As all of the opinions that I express which are based upon serial numbers, one must accept the theory that Gretsch used serial numbers in roughly numerical order. If that theory is wrong, then a date estimate based upon serial numbers is not helpful and we must fall back to using physical characteristics. PDFrogman - Does your drum have a label with a serial number?

Dating gretsch snare drums

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Gretsch Catalina Club (New Version) Improved and Upgraded : Bearded Drums (Season 2, Episode 2)

Apr 23, 7. Heck, you may even own the very first one ever made!

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