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Its my time dating matchless

Absolute Nightmare Dating an Arab Man For The First Time

Our time to love life together. Meet new people today. Want to meet new people who share your interests and your outlook on life and relationships? More chances to meet more people. Meet people you can share your passions with. You might be over 50, but your romantic life is far from over!

I do not appreciate being blamed for their issue.

I finally told them to cancel if they did not fix this. I have now cancelled and requested a total refund.

I will not be going back. I should of known better Nothing in life is free. They say "it's free", but you have to pay to check your messages, plus pretty well everything else. I am having a hard time deleting my profile. I have read lots of reviews about this dating site. All those reviews are absolutely right. My experience is a really unique one That I didn't see on any other reviews.

They deactivated my account after I canceled the automatic renew feature. It seems my account was in total hiatus. What kind crap is this? I enrolled and paid for six month; They deactivated my account only after two month? I contacted the customer service and they emailed me that they found nothing wrong. I can close the pop-up ad by click on the x at top of the right corner.

This pop-up ads in itself is a scam. It should not be allowed even on the screen at all. This is the second time I enrolled on this site. I was on this site years ago after split from my wife. I was not serious back then, just looking around. Now I'm serious, trying to find a compatible woman.

The women on OurTime. This is a big scam.

Want to go out?

Two different women dated me just several days ago. I recognized them immediately. They told me the same kind stories they told me 20 years ago. They didn't know this is my second time on OurTime. They think I'm just another one time regular patron.

This site put not only all those fake profiles, fake photos but also offer fake dating service if they see a chance to suck you in for another six month enrollment. Don't give them any of your hard earn money. There are plenty of other better dating site. I was on OurTime for 6 months. I had one date in 6 months. When they say there are people in your area, are people who used the system years ago and 25 are current members.

I sent out messages to nice people. I got a reply from about 7 of them. I had one date. I have a master's degree and have been working for the same employer for 34 years. My profile is quite strong and got nothing on OurTime. I had lots of dates on Match. What is really unusual on OurTime is the number of people who don't even open the email you sent them. It almost seems like this website is a complete scam. Do not give them a penny. It's a penny wasted. I joined paid for our time November I sent messages to several men I found interesting.

When they responded I found their profile information had been changed. Some of them while I was online. Pictures deleted and changed from male to female.

This site must be set up by scammers to steal from mature people.

Its my time dating

I have already set it up not to renew and forwarded messages to the customer service. I do not believe that I will get a response.

Stay away from this site. I have had messages from a few men but the interest is very short lived and it takes several days for all responses to come. I do not believe that I am corresponding with real people but people hired to respond to the messages. I joined this one dating website. Within a couple days I started getting emails from people that I never gave my email address to. Review

I notified OurTime if this privacy breach and wanted to have my profile permanently deleted from their website. I received a response saying they would refund my money within 12 hrs. Everything is a tease. The whole operation is engineered to collect your money and they refuse refunds.

I was not even allowed to speak to a manager. Customer service reps are foreign and clueless. There will be more victims until someone shuts this operation down. It has NO corporate location or contact in US. It may be a Russian troll farm. By the way, I was supposedly getting messages from far away states when the whole match is advertised as local. You have to indicate "No thanks" to move on. Which is intentionally microscopically small.

Initiating a chargeback shut down my account. I was told no due to the chargeback process.


They told me I would have to wait 90 days for their systems process of a chargeback even tho they responded to my credit card immediately. Wish I had read the reviews before I signed up!

What can you say with characters? No warning of this change, but once you go in to modify your profile you have to delete down to the characters! I am a long term member of this site although I actually view the site very infrequently as each time I do, there is very little activity. I realized that activity increases dramatically as the account is due to expire and this company wants you to renew your subscription. Suddenly I had over views of my information, multiple flirts and a couple of dozen messages.

I called customer service to express my dismay. Well, that was quite the experience in itself. Got a woman on the phone who I could barely understand. She was in the Philippines. There is nobody in America I could speak with.

This company is a scam. I spoke with 4 women in 8 years. Turns out, none lived in my area. Save your money folks! OurTime update limits description fields to characters. What a joke removing our long profiles. Had I known I would not have updated my description.

I imagine it is greed. If we pay more no doubt we will be able to once again write longer profiles. What horses behind thought this up? Fire them, this is not the service I paid for. Called them , long wait times.

More than 20 min on hold, to drill down to a human being, and finally customer service said there is nothing they can do to help, the new upgrade is the way it is going to be, really?? Each day you receive around 10 handpicked matches based on your profile, preferences, and behavior on the site.

From each match shown you have many options to show interest and connect. From this information you select yes or no to move on to the next match. In addition, you have the option to send an email, send a flirt, save that profile to your favorites, ask to connect through the ConnectMe service, send a virtual gift, or select NotifyMe, which is a paid service that will notify you every time that user logs on for the next 7 days. The Who I Like section is appropriately named, and displays subsection lists of members you have shown interest in.

The dating site also makes it easy to keep this section clean and orderly, as it allows you to select profiles to delete from your lists at any time. In the standard search, the basic search filters are age range, location, and photos, although you can add advanced search features to find others based on height, what type of relationship they are looking for, status online or not , ethnicity, smoking habits, body build, children, religion, and zodiac sign.

Other relevant information, such as if they have additional profiles or if it is her birthday today, is also displayed in search results. From any profile shown here you may click on the profile picture to expand and see the full profile, and, uniquely, you can also filter profiles shown in this area based on age range and location.

Although the site may be used through a free or paid membership, there are various opportunities to use the advanced site features, such as Promote Me, Notify Me, Match Me, or send virtual gifts, which are all available for purchase through the currency on the site called tokens. OurTime won top pick for a senior dating site from DatingSiteReviews. AskMen may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. The links are independently placed by our Commerce team and do not influence editorial content.

To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. More chances to meet more people. Meet people you can share your passions with.

You might be over 50, but your romantic life is far from over! In fact a divorce, a breakup or the death of a partner is often synonymous with new beginnings. New friends, new lovers, new partners: To stack all the odds in your favour and make meaningful connections easier to find, we give you a helping hand! Ourtime is the dating service where singles over 50 can meet like-minded people online or at one of our activities based on your interests.


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