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Congratulate, what if youre dating a dancer congratulate

Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice get asked if they are DATING! On world of dance

This leads to the inevitable question: Jealous people typically have more problems dating dancers. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of your partner dancing with other people, then you may want to reconsider dating a dancer. The chances that they will have a lot of attention and options is usually quite high. If you are both dancers in the same scene, difficult breakups tend to get even messier. If you have a history of terrible breakups, you may want to reconsider dating within the scene. The reason is simple:

There is also an awkward learning curve, where one person is significantly stronger than the other. Know what you want. Are your feelings for the person strong enough to warrant that risk? For a fling, you may find some willing partners in the scene. You need to know how the person on the other side is also feeling.

Are they trying to build something with you, or are they legitimately OK with just a fling? If there are dances every night of the week, several schools, and hundreds of dancers, it makes breakups easier to handle.

Are you OK with that? Can you handle it if something goes south? In the event of a very emotional or bitter breakup in a small scene, someone usually leaves. If you break up badly, who will that be?

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If not you, will they? Or, will both of you try to stick it out? Many people rush into a dance partnership because they also happen to be dating but then find both their professional and personal lives suffering. If a breakup happens, it can also make it difficult to figure out the business end of the deal.

For example, if you have a school, events, or travel together, what are you going to do? Does one person take it all? Do you still plan to work together?

Are you going to try to find another partner? We have to be very careful about setting boundaries between dance work and our personal life. In the paraphrased words of another professional couple, it can be very difficult to have a bad rehearsal, and have to go home with that person. You have no one to de-stress to at home about your bad work day.

If youre dating a dancer

If you disagree on something professional, it may impact your feelings towards your partner at home. The choice to date within the scene needs to be made on a personal basis. The only person that can make that call is you. You need to know yourself, and the person you want to date. There are also people who fall in the middle. Maybe they normally never date dancers, but that one person is just so fantastic. If you are already in a relationship and are thinking about dancing together, check out this article from SmoothStyle.

Later, this friend of mine committed suicide. Since then, I try to avoid being in a relationship with someone who tries to prevent me from being a support system for those I love. In addition, I do my best to diffuse jealousy within myself as quickly as possible because I dislike the impact it has had in my life and the lives of those I treasure.

Dance moves are often sensual and at times, intimate. The first few times you see your partners glide across the dance floor while holding someone else closely, it might feel strange. You may be tempted to say something, or to try to hide the fact that you are not enjoying seeing them dance like this.

But then, they will encourage you to try dancing with others, and you will see that these sensual moments are simply a means communication; dancers talk to each other through eye contact and body language.

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And there will be no better feeling than when you finally understand that their intimacy with other dancers only exists on the dance floor, and that you can fully trust each other. Dancing makes your body release endorphins which make you happier. Therefore, your significant other will usually be in a great mood after coming home after dance practice or a night out dancing.

They have also most likely gotten humiliated on the dance floor or in front of their entire class. This has taught them not to let little things ruin their day. If you date a dancer, expect them to try to get you take dance classes with them, or at least go out dancing. Dancing helps you become more fit as it brings your heartrate up, and gets your blood pumping, which benefits both your body and your mind.

Also, be prepared to substitute your burgers for a light sandwich or salad once in awhile!

Dancers try their best to eat healthier, especially right before dancing, as dancing on a full and bloated stomach is not the best idea. Expect them to host a delicious barbecue cookout, a scrumptious all-you-can-eat buffet or a giant mexican fiesta complete with the cheesiest nachos ever.

People who love to dance try to dance as often as they can. What they love all these, it sometimes gets exhausting. If you date a dancer, expect them to turn down outings once in awhile, in exchange for a cozy night in at home.

That eloquent spin that they do on the dance floor took months of repetitive practicing and required a lot of determination. Dancers never quit and are more than dedicated to their art. They will be even more dedicated to you and if something is not working, you can count on them to do their best to make it work. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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