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The Story of Us: From Friends to Dating

Everyone has their deal breakers and while some may be pettier than others, there are just some things that just don't work. Maybe there was a time in your life where you felt like you could make exceptions but after a failed attempt or maybe a few , you realized that there were some things that you would never, ever be able to put up with again. There's nothing wrong with that. Sure, they're your rules and you can break them if you want to but there's a reason you made those rules in the first place. Your newest crush may be super cute with a great smile but what about the fact that he has dirty feet and always wears sandals?

It could be something that you can spot right away like if they're rude to the wait staff, they don't have a job, or they say that they're "not a dog person. In order to protect yourself, you need to be able to notice those red flags quickly. You know what you should look out for when you start dating a new guy but what is the guy looking for? These 21 men went to Reddit to explain what their biggest deal breakers are in relationships.

One Reddit user said that it was his girlfriend's irresponsibility with money that ended their relationship: She paid zero bills and her car was falling apart. While there's nothing wrong with splurging every once in awhile, it is important to have money in savings and to prioritize your spending. Finances are said to be the cause of most divorces and if you and your partner don't see eye to eye on financial decisions, it may not work out.

There are many people out there who want to have kids one day but some avoid children like the plague. Even if they do want to have children at some point in their lives, they may not be ready to take care of one just yet. This Reddit user explained that he was just not ready to have a kid around all the time: She was 22 with a 4-year-old.

Dating her was pretty much dating the 4-year-old too because he was always around and it was never just the two of us. Having kids is tough and it's not for everyone especially for those in their early twenties. Whether the person already has a child or they want a child and you don't want to have or raise a child, it's better to make sure that you end the relationship before you get too involved.

Speaking of kids, some people want to have them and some people don't. It can be dangerous to be with someone who has a different opinion on it than you do because it's not very likely that they will change their mind.

One man wrote on Reddit that he dated someone for five years and she wanted kids while he didn't but they both put it off as long as they could because they loved each other so much. When I broke up with her I was in pieces but I knew it was the right thing since I don't have a parenting bone in my body. I miss her, and I think about her from time to time, and I wonder how things would have been. But I just don't want kids and I know my life would be infinitely more miserable if I stuck around.

Some deal breakers aren't as serious as others. This particular deal breaker may be one-of-a-kind. According to this Reddit user, acting like a princess in a Disney movie is absolutely unacceptable:.

I don't mind people who hum or mumble quietly to themselves, it is the ones who think they are so good that everyone must want to hear them belt out show tunes, light opera or easy listening classics.

No, let me rephrase that, they're not. Am I a bad person? With the help of technology, it's easier to be fake now more than ever.

A person can make their life seem absolutely perfect on Instagram and Facebook even if their real life is crumbling around them. Another way that people can be fake is if they constantly tell their partner that they're fine when they're really not. If you're going to be in a relationship, you need to be able to be open and honest about what you need.

If you try to bottle everything up and pretend like everything is fine, it will eventually blow up in your face. Financial situations can be the death of a relationship and just because you want to be with someone who is good with money doesn't make you shallow or selfish.

If your partner is good with their money, they are also likely to be more responsible in other areas of their life. Who doesn't want a responsible partner? A Reddit user claimed that he could not be with someone who is careless about money and he told a story of a relationship that ended because of her debt:. Of course, the credit card company loved this so they would send her notices that her limit can be increased. Stupidly enough she always accepted At one point she had to move back home to pay off her debt.

Dating a family friend reddit

We all can be lazy every once and awhile but you can't be a very good partner to your significant other if you are constantly lying around the house doing nothing.

Chances are, if a person rarely gets out of the house and they let clutter build up around them, they aren't very happy with their lives and there's not much you can do to help them. Here's what ItsaPuppet had to say:.

She was lazy and rarely did any cleaning or cooking, I like a tidy home so I wouldn't complain and instead just do it myself once home I knew asking her to clean up was futile so I just started picking them up myself and she lost it. A huge weight was lifted when I got out of that one! This guy posted on Reddit that it's a question that he wants to ask a girl on a date:. It sucks to hear that since it's always sad when someone has gone through something like that.

It makes sense that he would want to ask that question.

Reddit reveals friends' worst betrayals for Ides of March

It seems like, based on this Reddit post , some guys wonder why girls aren't always super honest about wanting to go out with them:. But she would stop replying to texts after texts, and tried to set me up with one of her friends.

A couple months later after she has a boyfriend, she tells me she was crazy for me and would've [gone] out with me on the drop of a pin. That's a frustrating situation and a friendly reminder that we need to be real if we like someone.

Family dynamics are tough to deal with, and when we have to deal with someone else's relatives, things can feel pretty impossible. We hope that we get along with our partner's family, but unfortunately that's not always the case. This guy wonders about what a girl's family is like and doesn't want any negative situations:. We totally get that and can see where he's coming from.

It's interesting to know that guys wonder about this since we might realize it. When we're out for dinner with a big group, all the girls tend to go to the bathroom at the same time.

It's just a thing that we do and we don't think twice about it. It turns out that some guys wonder about this, like this one guy on Reddit:. Isn't that just inefficient and gross? It's not something that we tend to think about much or think about explaining to guys. It's just more fun to have company Honesty is a big part of a relationship since if we don't tell our boyfriend what we're thinking and feeling, he won't know, and the same is true if he's silent about that stuff.

Guys want us to be just as honest and real with them as we want them to be with us At least according to this Reddit post:. No Jennifer, I did not realize you wanted kids when you walked past a child and said 'How cute. It's good to know that guys think about this, too, and it's a good reminder that, like the saying goes, honesty is always the greatest policy ever. First dates are nerve-racking since we wonder if the guy that we're with likes us and thinks that we're cool.

We might not realize that he wonders that stuff, too, but of course, it seems obvious. According to this post on Reddit , this is normal for guys to think about:. We do each need to make a good impression or there's definitely isn't going to be a second date For this guy who posted on Reddit , he thinks that it's smart for guys to be careful about sounding "creepy" about telling a girl how they feel:.

Two weeks and three dates in, 'I really like you' might seem odd. Four months and twenty dates in, 'I really like you' now has some basis for you to say it and not sound a bit premature.

It definitely gives us butterflies to find out that the person we are crushing on, is also crushing on us! This is subjective, but it seems like if we really like someone, we're okay with hearing that they like us early on.

We might not think that men wonder how much money we make when we first meet them and start dating. But according to this guy who posted on Reddit , some of them do:.

Will Dating a Friend Ruin a Friendship? 3 Real Life Tips!

Women straight up ask my net worth, yearly income, my job, career goals, but I am not allowed to ask women the same. I know, because I've tried it on several females before, even if just in response to their financial questions, it gets guarded answers at best. It's an interesting point since if we do commit to someone, we want to plan for the future and that does involve money.

We all know the joke about a couple talking on the phone and one going "You hang up first" and the other one saying "No, you hang up first. By Erica Tempesta For Dailymail. A group of Reddit users have revealed how they have been metaphorically 'stabbed in the back' by their closest friends in honor of the Ides of March. Roman emperor Julius Caesar was stabbed to death on March 15 in the year 44 B. In celebration of this year's Ides of March, people are recalling their own experiences with treachery, and while these friendship horror stories don't end in murder, many of the Redditors admitted that they are still emotionally scarred.

Reddit users are recalling how they were betrayed by their friends in honor of the Ides of March Stock Image Used. One user known as Zacoftheaxes explained that his friend went out of his way to ruin his reputation by trying to convince his girlfriend that he was 'secretly a rapist and a pedophile'. The person said the former pal even went as far as holding an 'intervention' for his girlfriend and refusing to let her leave until she agreed to 'do something' about him. One user known as Zacoftheaxes explained that his friend went out of his way to ruin his reputation.

Another woman said her best friend of many years attempted to break her and her boyfriend up by 'fabricating evidence' that he was cheating on her. This Reddit user recalled her college pal using her password to ruin her life. Parallax92 recalled having his ex cheat with the people closest to him. However, the plan backfired, and the two have since gotten engaged.

One person recalled helping a depressed friend who wouldn't return the favor.

This man said his friend married his ex a year after they had broken up. One Reddit user said her friend Brian stole money from her dying mother. This person was jumped by his former friend and literally stabbed in the back. MWS said he was literally stabbed by a former friend from work a few years after he had to force him out of his apartment. The Reddit user explained that the person convinced him to let him live in his grandparents' apartment with him for six months rent-free, and he had to 'really force his hand' to get him to leave.

The pals continued to hang out and chat at work for a year or two after they lived together, but one night when he opened the door to his home, he got jumped by five guys, including his former friend. After his grandmother died, this guy said his friend broke into their apartment while they were at the funeral. Girllock detailed how her friends spread rumors that she was sleeping with their male and female peers and was also pregnant. This Reddit user recalled being literally stabbed by her littler sister.

Meanwhile, others recalled the emotional scars they got after they were betrayed by their friends in high school. I wrote all the songs we played. They kicked me out and said they didn't like my music anymore and wanted to go another direction,' Pun-Chi said. He was warned by a soothsayer to beware and was later stabbed 23 times by around 60 people who conspired against him. I felt pretty crummy after hearing that.


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