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The Kannada language has been spoken for about years. The term "Isila" meaning a town of forts is found in an inscription of Ashoka in Brahmagiri in. English To Kannada Dictionary. Kannada language - Wikiquote. Old- Kannada inscription dated AD 5. The rock stone inscription of Badami in archaic Kannada letters is ascribed to the 7th century.

Though punch- marked and Satavahana coins had been discovered in Karnataka, this is the first coin with an inscription in archaic Kannada.

The discovery of the 5th century copper coin proves beyond doubt that Banavasi had a mint, and the tradition of minting coins with names or titles in Kannada was in vogue as early as the 5th century. Manjulakshi and Shripad Bhat in: Kannada has a long history of dictionary- making, beginning from the dictionary written by Rannakanda of the 1.

Sahitya Parishat in the 2. Kittel, a great scholar in many languages including Sanskrit, studied Kannada and took up the task of compiling a Kannada- English dictionary. He started the compilation in a thorough and systematic manner on the lines of the dictionaries of the Western countries, especially English dictionary. The dictionary compiled by Rev. On the literary side, it is a treasure of knowledge.

Kittel may be called the father of Kannada dictionary. If he had not taken up and accomplished such a stupendous task in the 1. Kannada- English dictionary compiled by Kannada Sahitya Parishat would have taken another century to come into existence.

A Grammar of the Kannada Language: In the Sanskrit language the term appears as Karanata and Karn. Kannada is the appellation of the Canarese country and its language. The inscriptions are often dated; if they have no date, the form of the letters used and historical references to dated inscriptions serve to ascertain their age.

This character was about 2. BC employed in the edicts of Buddhist King Ashoka. Different forms of the letters used for the Kannada inscriptions appear at different periods, the earliest form differing in the greatest degree from those of the modern Kannada alphabet. At the time of the composition of the Basavapurana 1.

The Old Canarese is also the language of the early Kannada authors or the literary style. It may be said to have continued in use to the middle of the 1. Modern Canarese or the popular and colloquial dialect of the present time.

Their Jaina authors took Panini d others as their guides. It is a treatise on poetics or a guide to poets indicating that Kannada was a fully developed literary language.. Kannada language evolved much earlier than the Halmidi inscription c. Belonging to the Prto- Dravidian group it has close affinity with the Tamil language, prevalent now in the neighboring Tamil Nadu.

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But the language of the Halmidi inscription is highly Sanskritized. But since none of the earlier works have survived, we have to stick to the established norm that written Kannada came into vogue by the 5th century A.

Most of the works in literature and secular sciences mentioned in reference books like Kavirajamarga are still not to be traced. But works of later centuries mention now extinct works on various topics. Thus, Chudamani a 9. Tatwarthamahashastra by Tambulacharya belonged to the 7th century. Some ascribe it to the 9th century.

But from the linguistic form and the depiction of the existing society, most scholars agree to its belonging to the early 1. The language is suited to narrate stories and presents a well developed word form, idiom, structure, and texture indicating that Kannada was a full- fledged language for prose and poetry by the 1.

Apart from written works, the inscriptions of the period illustrate many variations of meters and structural variety.

The heroic fight of Nolambaraditya provide moving descriptions attesting the fact that well known poets were asked to compose epitaphs befitting the occasion. These inscriptions are a wealth of information for historical data, culturallife and study of Kannada language and literature of early times.

Kannada- Tamil literature, especially Kannada literature, is the key to the successive development of the literary and cultural, as well as the spiritualhistory of India. This succession is clearly shown in the history of Kannada literature, though the first two slabs, the Pre- Buddhistic and the Buddhistic are lost to us in Kannada and are available only in Tamil and in Sanskrit.

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Kannada Dating

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Dating tips in kannada

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