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For Guys: How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

Dating experts have revealed the five best ways to improve your dating profile in order to get more matches. These include avoiding sunglasses in your pictures and making sure you don't have any typos, according to new research by OkCupid. Here, expert Melissa Hobley reveals her top tips for making your dating profiles better And while looking away from the camera is a popular pose for many - experts say that it's important that you make eye contact in your pictures. Melissa revealed it's important to show off your interests on your dating profile - particularly when it comes to what singers or bands you like. The dating expert also revealed that you should update your profile with new pictures to increase your chances of getting more matches. Statistics from OkCupid show that regularly adding photographs doubles the amount of likes you get.

Unclear pics can make other users think you have something to hide. She also warns against cropping in on yourself from a photo with other people in it like, say, with an ex. It may seem like a clever way to get in that cute vacation snap, but anyone looking at your profile can tell it's your ex.

Show your face your whole face.

How to improve my dating profile

It will seem obvious to some, but Dineen has been struck by how many people wear sunglasses in nearly every photo. This doesn't give other users a clear sense of what you look like, which can have two negative consequences. One, they may swipe left, since they can't be sure of what you look like or know if they're attracted to you. Or two, they still swipe right and are possibly disappointed when they seen you in person, which wastes both parties' time.

Men who cover up their heads can face similar challenges to people who obscure their faces. If you have a full head of hair but cover it, a woman might think you're hiding something and wonder what's under those caps.

If you're bald and hide it, you may end up on a date with a woman who doesn't like baldness and in the end, you won't be a match anyway.

Dineen says women are the most common offenders when it comes to this rule, as many will only choose photos that show them from the chest or neck up. Every profile needs at least one full-length shot, so the person on the other end can get a realistic idea of what you look like.

And no cheating hiding most of your figure behind friends in a group shot doesn't work! If you manage to get a date, that person will see what you look like eventually.

Throw in an action shot or two. There is nothing more boring than swiping through five photos of someone smiling and striking nearly the exact same pose.

Yes, it's important to see what someone looks like but your photos are also a great place to give others a peek at your personality. These kinds of pictures tell a lot about someone.

Do not ever leave the bio blank. Finding just the right words can be daunting, so some users don't try at all but a less-than-fabulous bio is better than none. Men are most guilty of leaving this spot blank, says Dineen, but they are only hurting themselves: Women are more likely to swipe left if they don't feel like they're getting enough information, or if they assume the man is uninvested.

They're not going to think you really want to be doing this if you don't make the effort. Never, ever skip writing the bio and find something interesting to say. It's common for people to write just a list of stats, like where they're from, what they do, and maybe one of their hobbies, like yoga or hiking. But if you want someone to message you, give them something that makes it easier to start a conversation, a nugget to ask about or comment on. Think of something unique about yourself.

If you've done something wild or unique, that's perfect but if nothing comes to mind, simply adding more specifics about your interests is a vast improvement, too. Instead of writing that you love hiking, mention your go-to trail.

If you're a travel fanatic, write a few words about the last trip you took, or where you want to go next. Don't think you need to go it alone. Sometimes, we need a little outside perspective that's what Dineen does for her clients. But when paying a pro isn't an option, don't be afraid to ask one or two people you trust to look over your profile and give you their opinion.

Ask them which pictures they think are your best ones, since they might surprise you with an answer that's different from your own. They can also offer help with a bio. While you may have a hard time thinking up something interesting about yourself, they could remind you that time you did a yoga retreat in India or won a new washing machine on the Price is Right both great conversation-starters.

Alyssa Dineen: 10 ways to improve your dating profile

Sunday, Jan 20th 5-Day Forecast. Ditch selfies, add action shots, and nail your bio: Share this article Share. The dating app pictures that will get you the most right-swipes revealed The Independent thebeehive.

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I definitely picked the wrong job': But whatever the institution listed on your diploma, more info is, as 1 notes, typically the way to go. Though some of us would rather give up on a match than follow up on an unanswered first message, brave daters might want to rethink that stance. Per data insights from Hinge published in May, a second text doesn't typically end in disaster.

In fact, the numbers crunchers at Hinge found that users who waited about 3 hours and 52 minutes to send a second text got responses more often than not. So, if a first message goes unanswered, don't give up so fast. Give it another shot in a few hours. As for a third text?

We'd say leave it at two. Burnt out on all the biggest online dating apps? Last year brought a batch of new apps meant to help people find love online.

Tired of swiping for yourself? Convince a trusted pal to swipe for you using Wingman , an app where users find dates for their friends. Are you the type who loves to hate? Check out Hater , which pairs up users with a distaste for all the same things. But for those still loyal to the OG of dating apps, it might be beneficial to take advantage of new features.

Match, for example, now offers a video feature that gives users a better chance to share their personality with potential dates.

TINDER PROFILE TIPS: Use this Bio and Girls will text you first!

Whatever your qualms with dating on the internet, know there are always more options than you'd expect. Want more tips for how to navigate the online dating landscape? You can find all our sex and relationships coverage right here.

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