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From the many non-fulfilling relationships as a chronically ill person, I have noticed that they were all flawed in the same ways. Even throughout social media, people with chronic illness are misrepresented in the dating world. With these experiences, I have compiled 10 main ideas that are misconceptions, and ways and ideas that a non-chronically ill person can do to support their partner with a chronic illness. However it is not the case. There is nothing romantic about being sick, or two teens dying from cancer. Get to know my illness. This is a major way to support someone in a relationship with chronic illness because it is something that will be there forever.

However it is not the case. There is nothing romantic about being sick, or two teens dying from cancer. Get to know my illness. This is a major way to support someone in a relationship with chronic illness because it is something that will be there forever.

Learning about my illness supports me because I know I can depend on you.

I know if you put the effort into learning about my illness, you will be able to stand the complications that come later with it. I am not fragile. So please, do not baby your partner because they are ill. I want someone who will help push me to do what I can, and not treat me like a glass doll. For the reason that I can do whatever I want, and this being another way of support from a non-chronically ill person. This is greatly appreciated by someone with a chronic illness because the world often views us as being fragile.

I will ask for help when I need it. Yes, there will be times when I do need help with an assortment of things from basic tasks to injections, but let me ask for your help. By letting me ask for your help, that allows me to keep my independence and gives you the right opportunities to help me.

Even down the line when you know your chronically ill partner very well, you will learn when they need help with out asking for it, which will be appreciated because I know you have learned and studied my personal illness so well that you know my body langue and when I need help.

Also, there is a misconception that a chronically ill person will not ask for help. Even though we trust you, we will ask for help even if it comes to the most basic tasks. Dealing with the side effects.

Dating a chronically ill person does not just come with an illness and set parameters. For example, if you catch the flu at work, you will likely just need to sleep it off for a few days and let it run its course.

If we catch the flu from you, there is a good chance we will end up being hospitalized, so simple things like washing hands more frequently and keeping things clean are important. It is very common for people to go through the stages of grief when they or a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness.

For the person diagnosed, they have to learn how to readjust to their own lives.

Often, they will face new limitations and obstacles to overcome, leading to feelings of frustration. This does not mean they cannot return to living a mostly normal life.

It simply means having to learn a new way of doing things. As for the loved ones, what I have heard most often is that it is difficult watching someone they love struggle to do things they used to do without even having to think about it.

Many wish that they could switch places with their loved one who has been diagnosed, because it is tough watching the person they love in pain without being able to fix the problem. Just know that we are not looking for you to fix us, simple understand that some days will be harder than others, and in return we will keep in mind the same for you. While there are parts of our lives that are more complicated with being sick, there are some good things that have come out of it, as well.

Dating: When to Disclose a Chronic Illness

We value the little things in life. We notice all of the effort you put in and we definitely do not take any of it for granted.

Tips For Dating While You're Chronically Ill

We love that when we are feeling run down you are happy to lay in bed, eat Chinese food with us, and have a movie marathon with us. We love that you enjoy cuddling in bed under a blanket and twinkle lights when we are too tired to walk outside to gaze at the real stars.

We are grateful for the fact that on these days you make us laugh a little more, smile extra, and still see the real person underneath all that is going on. There are so many reasons why dating someone with a chronic illness can be more complicated, but there are also so many reasons why it is worth it. We appreciate more, love harder, and fight to keep the things in life that are important to us.

We understand that life can be short, testing, and even scary at times. Just remember that when push comes to shove, we will stand by those in our lives who need us, because our situations have trained us to become a warrior. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Thank you for your feedback! What would be your concerns? Is it advisable to get married with a chronic illness?

How does it feel to marry someone who had a chronic illness? Would you be prepared to date someone with a chronic or terminal illness? Do you think someone will love a girl who has a chronic illness?

I have one, and it's about as fun as self flagellation. Related Questions How many here would marry or date someone with a mental illness? Why or why not?

Dating someone chronic illness

What is the best way to help someone with a chronic illness? Can a chronic illness be an eternal close friend? Would you date or marry someone with a "crazy" family? What is your chronic illness story and what would you most want the world to know about your chronic illness or chronic illnesses in general?

Can someone with a disability marry? Will you marry someone with chronic acne problems? How does your partner's chronic illness make you feel?


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