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Dating a fashion photographer agree

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This one is for all the creative minds out there! Dating a photographer is one hell of a ride; they are full of adventure, fun and they will never stop you from doing something crazy. They are the coolest beings and very light-headed. They have a different way to look at things, as compared to others. Or we can say a very definite point of view. It does not matter to him how you are looking or if you just woke up.

I am finding it hard to over come my insecurity because of my background history. I feel threatened in a sense. Even if he is the most trusting guy ever, I do not feel comfortable with it. I would never give them an ultimatum but I would tell them I am very uncomfortable with that situation and prefer if they would think twice about it.

Then again, it really depends on the girl. Some women are completely fine with it and some aren't. Just make sure there is good communication about the nature of the shoot or even you have shoot in general.

Never let your significant other find out through social media. For example; my boyfriend told me he had a shoot and it would be head shots and stuff of that sort. I ended up finding out through social media that it was a little more then that.

She was top less and holding her boobs without a bra. Head shots to me is just head. Not head and boobs. Hope this helped a little. I've been with him a year and even though I believe he loves me, I fear his idea of "beauty" will be warped as what he sees everyday as "beautiful" is stick thin and I'm curvy. I worry about him seeing the girls naked also, especially as I know he'll probs do nudes soon.

Dating a fashion photographer

I can't even be around when he's taking these photos becuase I start to cry. I feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me every time he takes a photo of another woman I feel exactly the same way. He doesn't mean anything against me by it but it constantly makes me feel bad.

I feel like I need to accept it or I will just get fed up and have to give an ultimatum for my own sake. I hope in the meantime we can find a compromise, I'll keep you posted! Hey, I'm not sure how long ago this thread was active, but did you guys find a way to talk to them about it?

My husband says to me "you have nothing to worry about" "they're just models, it's just part of the job" and insists he still finds me attractive. But it's impossible not to compare myself to them and I hate it so much.

He also likes a lot of photos of models on instagram. I'm completely miserable but I feel like bringing it up again will push him further away because he's getting mad at me 'cos I cry all about it all the time.

I don't think he would sleep with anyone else but I genuinely cannot see how I can be attractive to him and I'm terrified one day he will realise.

I am dating a photographer. In a serious relationship with a photographer. To me it is his profession and I accept that is what he does. He tells me about the shoots.

Dating a fashion photographer

I am confident in myself ans him to know he loves me ans only me. I am proud of him. He does great photographs and I will be his model at some point too: Imagine Kate Upton is photographed by my bf?

P But i will not say him to stop. That is nonsense too. It is his profession. I would not date him that is the solution: But its a hobby then or its your profession? Do you mean part of your hobby is to photograph nude models? MY boyfriend is a photographer, he makes fashion shoots sometimes and If one day he tells me he want to photograph naked women just for fun I've been dating a photographer for almost 2 years.

His profession really kicked in about a year ago when he got an offering at a night club. I go to the club with him and on private photo sessions. It makes us both feel comfortable and I'm also learning to do photography.

My first encounter with a nude photo session I did not know about it I found out over the internet so like any other girlfriend I got extremely jealous and upset. Would of been different if he told me. Its a constant battle with this profession epsecially when I have a low self esteem. But I do try to understand. I do try as well, but naked no way!! T I would not handle that , too much..

Too soon maybe in some years xD. Im presently going through this. Went in the relationship knowing he was a photographer but he told me he would stop Boudoir photography because he knew I didn't like it.

He never said a word.

I trusted him till he did it behind my back. Now he said I either support him or we are done. He said this is where the money is. He said I can go on shoots. And he said he will never do nude or bare breast. But he also said he would never do this type of shoots again. The trust is broke, but I do love him. I will go to a shoot and see if I can handle it. I dont look like these models either. And Im older then these models. I am currently dating a photographer who shoots occasional nudes.

I may get jealous but not enough to give him an ultimatum. I would really have no reason to because I should know from the start of dating that a photographer is a photographer no matter what kind of photos he is taking-- it's his job, he's making money. I would not expect him to stop making money for that reason. He has actually told me that he has a couple upcoming sexy photoshoots.

Fashion Photography Workshop by Sanjog Rai

He said he's telling me so I don't worry that anything is going on, and if I ever find them on the internet or something, I knew about it. I think him telling me was also an intention in asking me if I was all right with it. But that's my answer.

Ladies, if your boyfriend is a photographer, keep your jealousy to a minimum level. Be understanding and supportive. Photography is a beautiful thing and capturing the human flesh in a photo is also quite beautiful, I think.

Oh my goodness, a lot of this sums up my life right now! Infidelity is not a concern at all but every time be has a shoot or when I see the photos, I feel a churning in my stomach.

I'm not present for the shoot but often get to meet the model at some point briefly. Wouldn't be so bad if they were all divas or bitchy but the vast majority are really nice, sweet and friendly, and I know my husband is nice and friendly to them so that they enjoy the experience which then gives good photos and means they'll want to work with him again.

This also means good testimonials to attract other models to work with him. Of course they're all gorgeous and sexy, and they have a lot of fun together and it really upsets me to think of this. Of top of that, he's actually a pretty good photographer so they act like adoring fans and of course this is a real boost to him.

I've come to the horrid realisation that a lot of my upset stems from my own insecurities and low self esteem. On days when I'm feeling good about myself, this all becomes much less of an issue.

I just have to work on feeling good about myself on ALL days. I have started a sort of avoidance tactic as such and not go looking for info that might upset me, as I think I have a better chance of recovery as such without these triggers. So this is what I'm gonna try for now. Hope you all get some success in lessening the upset as it feels really rubbish doesn't it?

At first I thought I can, especially when he said to me that I'm the one he loves and they are just models, but then now, I'm starting to overthink, I really get jealous, I know I'm overreacting but I just can't help it. He even asked me several times to come with him during their shoots, and I constantly refuse cause I know being there, seeing him taking photos of those gorgeous ladies would just make me feel sick but being not there makes me worried that he may flirt with his models or the other way around.

I even get paranoid when I found out that he had a shoot with her ex-gf without even informing me. I'm even having a low self-esteem, since he never asked me to be his model, given the fact that there are some photographers who had asked me before. The thought that he prefers to take photos of other girls than me makes me upset, I feel like he thinks I'm ugly.

Please, can someone give me an advice about this? By the way, I never told him about this because I'm afraid he'll get irritated with me. I actually prefer to be there when he does the photoshoot!

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