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I Share My Boyfriend With His Husband - EXTREME LOVE

Make a commitment to a weekly date. Below are some ideas that go beyond the usual dinner and a movie. Many involve little or no cost. Not all dates have to involve going out, but if you have young children, getting a break from the kids is a stress release in itself. Getting a babysitter, however, can be a burden. Alternate who gets the sitter and develop a pool of sitters.

Mike was becoming increasingly irritable, short tempered and impatient. I found myself dreading Mike coming home from work, and for the first time in the fourteen years we had been together, I was starting to picture what life would be like if we were apart. After I told Mike what Holden had said, he was shocked. From that point on, we decided to communicate way more. Be on the same team. Let the little things go, and be more in tune with what kind of support the other person needed.

But the biggest realization we had was that, through all of those waves.

Through all of the crisis we had experienced, we had solely been relying on our history, our strong foundation and friendship to be enough. Our relationship was always on the back burner. Mike and I have gone back to dating. We have a babysitter that comes every Thursday evening so we can go out. Sometimes we plan something more elaborate, and other times we spontaneously choose a restaurant as we walk out the door.

But every single time we go out, we connect.


We communicate and we listen to each other. Although we had never fallen out of love, we have a new relationship. We repaired the cracks in our foundation and started on an addition. Most of all, we are on the same page. Now, when we ask our son about having a family one day, although there is still no pressure he excitedly tells us he would love to be married and have four kids — just like us.

Mike helped write portions of this post. We both thought this was a very important story to tell. It is so refreshing to read such honest and probably hard-to-write words. Moms of four rarely talk about problems in their marriage. I, personally, am under the false belief sometimes that we must have the perfect marriage or at least pretend to have one because we have kids.

Not so hastily… Thank you so much for these encouraging words! My life is back!!! After 8 years of marriage, my husband left me and left me with our three kids. I felt like my life was about to end, and was falling apart.

The Hottest Marriage Quotes For Your Wife or Husband

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Thank you for posting this and verbalizing how things can change when life happens but most importantly, that there is hope to bring it back. Joanna, my wife wants to be friends with you…. Thanks so much Kyle and wife! I am so glad that our story impacted you. Yes, definitely shake things up and make sure you get out.

We still love our TV series. I will for sure check out couchtuner. That would be great to cross paths, and I will totally be friends with your wife. Now, go and plan your date! Although I would normally be way to young to read such a family story I am 15 , I still loved how you wrote this post! Too often couples focus on the children at the expense of growing their relationship not realizing that their children feel much more secure when Mommy and Daddy are happy together.

How brave of you both to write this post.

Dating with hubby

I think to many people give up on their marriage without even trying. My husband likes to workout at our local gym. Thanks for writing this! I needed to hear it. This was a refreshing read. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, our four kids, my health, financial strain, and work schedules became our four areas of focus.

Now that I am on the mend, I feel myself pulled in different directions: Thank you for sharing your story! Thanks for sharing your story. I work first shift and he works more of a second shift and he works weekends.

Along with working full time.. Im taking graduate courses to earn my masters. We have two kids 6 and 4 years old. The kids are involved in lots of activities. I feel sometimes like we are just teammates raising our kids. Find an empty, open church.

Sit, kneel, explore, pray. Let peace and reverence seep into your being. Quietly pray for each other. If you like, discuss your deepest spiritual beliefs afterwards. You can even dramatize your role as servant.

Just make sure that you alternate the favor sometime soon.

Turn off your cell phones, computer, the TV, and the lights. Cheap Dates Go to an amusement park or arcade. Go without the kids and BE kids again.

Do those silly arcade games like skee ball or whack-a-mole. Impress your spouse with your strength or cunning…or laugh at your ineptitude. Play a game from your childhood — croquet, badminton, hide and seek, miniature golf. Reminisce and be playful together. Look around your city and do the things a tourist might do — go to an overlook, a quaint neighborhood, the botanical gardens, a museum, whatever is special about your hometown.

Inspired by Co-op America. Build something together — ice cream sundaes, a pizza with your favorite toppings, a tower of blocks. Perhaps you will find a chuckle over the odd or weird combinations that reflect your different approaches to food, building, and life. Each spouse could choose a favorite activity which you then combine into one evening, or the wife could propose her favorite activities for one date and the husband plans the next date with his favorites.

Ride a city bus for the whole route. Reflect on the sights you see and the lives of the people who are your fellow passengers. Debrief your insights afterwards. Wait for snow and give yourself permission to make snow angels or make a snowman. Go roller blading or revisit your childhood by visiting a roller skating rink. Visit a pet store together. This is usually good for stirring up warm fuzzy feelings. Talk about any pets you had as a child. Ever gone midnight bowling? Some places have special music, lighting, and gimmicks.

Look through old photo albums and tell each other stories of your childhood and families. If you feel really energetic, make it a time to put all those loose photos in albums or on a disc. During Lent, go to a fish fry. The fish is not the point. Seeing a community work together to feed the multitudes is a miracle in itself.

Are you a member of a faith community? Hang out at a bookstore. Browse through your favorite sections. Assume an erudite persona for an evening. Do something to nurture your spiritual life. Visit your local zoo. Spring is often an especially engaging time since your likely to see some endearing zoo babies and glorious flowers.

Try creating a crazy or luxurious outfit for each other and wear it home. It may be the only time you wear it other than Halloween before you donate it back to the store. Inspired by Co-op America Volunteer somewhere together — a nursing home, a soup kitchen, clean up litter from a park or along your street. Pray a simple litany of thanks together, i. For our family, we thank you Lord. For a safe home, we thank you Lord. For our health, we thank you Lord… Outdoorsy dates Water and moonlight can be romantic.

Is there a lake, a river, a fountain near your home? Take a walk along a body of water at night. Pause and gaze at the light shimmering on the water. Dream and imagine together. Do something silly that reminds you of your childhood.

Climb a tree together, catch lightning bugs, or feed some ducks. Try an old fashioned picnic in a secluded spot. Lay out a table cloth, some snacks or a meal. Some wine might be a nice touch. Perhaps read some romantic poetry to each other.

It need not be original, just something you took the effort to find. Take an early morning or evening bike ride together. Explore your neighborhood or the countryside. In fact stop whenever you feel the urge. If tent camping is a new experience for you, try it, you might like it. Borrow a tent, sleeping bags, and some advice from a veteran camper and spend a night in the woods — or at least a backyard.

Snuggle, tell ghost stories, and roast marshmallows.


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