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And dating pro athlete opinion you are

Dating a Pro was odd to say the least

Someone on Quora asked: What is it like to date a professional athlete? I have dated a few professional athletes, and no, I am not a gold digger nor am I a cheerleader. I am 5-foot-3, just over a hundred pounds, but on the inside, I am a 6-foot-4, pound linebacker. I was raised in a football family, my uncle played professionally; my cousin does even now.

I wanted more than that for myself. At 24, I knew I was not ready to be taken care of. I wanted to struggle on my own, I wanted to have to eat frozen dinners, because they were cheap… and more importantly, I wanted to pursue a career that I could be proud of. There are ups and downs to dating an athlete.

These guys are held to a different standard by the public. In turn, many act out on that.

The Truth: Dating A Professional Athlete

Thankfully, I did not have to experience any of those negative stereotypes. It can be the one that finds his identity in his old glory days or the one that embraces life in the present, passionate about making a positive impact on the people and society around him.

Linda’s Rules on Dating Pro-Athletes and Former Pro-Athletes

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The only serious relationship in my life by serious, I mean pick-up-and-move-across-the- country for someone because marriage was a real possibility was to someone that played football for the Minnesota Vikings. Sadly, due to mental instability, my X husband took his own life last year, April 15th In addition to his mental sickness, he had extreme guilt and a scarred reputation.

I am still very upset and sad about all that took place. I still loved this man and was ready to forgive him. We got very close to reconciling before he took his life.


We spent significant time working on rebuilding our relationship and even made peace with the past — we were ready to move forward with our second marriage. You may think I am crazy but this man was the LOVE of my life and I was devastated to say the least, as it was so unexpected. Hence the reason I write my blogs, give advice and counseling to ladies and men like myself. And if someone manages to shake that up with threats of exposure, they will do just about anything to save face.

You may think this is a crazy blog and what I am saying cannot really happen, then you my friend are truly delusional. These guys will do anything and think they are above the law case in point OJ Simpson they actually think they can get away with anything. They are the most selfish, self-absorbed and self-serving people on the planet. So, these guys get exposed to kinky, crazy sex which makes them more addicted so when they retire they do not want to give that up. Think about how many athletes cheat on their wives and are exposed but the wives hang in there because they get use to the life style.

Here are my suggestions if you are dating or think you are an athletes GF below: If they go MIA, you know something is off. Tell them that you want to make sure they arrive safely. These athletes need a girl every night and this only means that they are there visiting another woman or on a quest to hire an escort or two. They could be violent case in point Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Remember they are celebrities and want to be noticed. A man who cherishes you will show you off to the world!

What to do if you are one of these girls and thought you were the only one? These guys do not change…..

You will get hurt, depressed, lose self-confidence, psychologic issues, and trust issues for the rest of your lives finding it hard to trust anyone else and worst of all KILLED. Always remember you have your girlfriends and myself to help you through this. You can never trust an athlete retired or active so you need to do your due diligence to keep yourself safe.

Dating pro athlete

And remember, if he is not using protection while having sex with you, he is not using it with anyone else. Be open and honest with him. It takes a lot for a man to share his personal life with a woman.

You will learn his eating habits AND his sleeping habits.

The foods he loves, the foods he hates, the soft drink he prefers over the rest. Whether he chews with his mouth open or closed and if he talks with his mouth full or not. You will feel like royalty when they make you sign off on the tickets and they are handed over to you. Once he spots you, he will give you the biggest smile along with either a wave, a wink, or even a kiss. This will make you feel like no one else is in the stands.

He will continue to look out for you at times throughout his game if he can. Giving you head nods and smiles here and there. When he makes a great play your heart will pound uncontrollably fast and you will clap and cheer.

Your mom will stand up and clap with her hands above her head and be his biggest fan. He will acknowledge her with a huge smile. Later that night when the two of you reconnect after his game, he will tell you that your mom was so cute. After his night games you will travel back to the hotel alone, or with his best friend, and wait for him.

He will travel back with his team on the team bus. He will be hungry. Restaurants will be closed by then. Room service it is.

He will undergo routine massage therapy treatments that are at times quite painful. It will take anywhere from hours. Sometimes it will be in your suite, other times it will be in a separate hotel room.

He will be shirtless, only wearing a pair of basketball shorts. You will be in awe, and you will be slightly turned on. His best friend will be there during treatment along with his massage therapist. After 45 minutes of the electrotherapy he will get onto the massage table and his massage therapist will oil him up and roll out his muscles. You will now be extremely turned on. Your schedule and his schedule will not always work well together and you will spend a lot of time apart.

It could be days, weeks, or unfortunately even months. You will go days without hearing from him. This will eat you up inside. This will make you google him to see if you can get any news on him lately.


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